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          Shenzhen Century Xinyang Technology Co., Ltd is established in April, 1999. It is a professional solution and product provider with focus on networking communication area.

     Product line includes Ethernet switch, Wireless router, wireless networking, wireless adapter, outdoor CPE, Print Server etc that covers all applications in this industry. 

    Owning a highly advanced technical background, equipped by a strong RD and manufacturing operation team, we can provide a complete OEM, ODM service for customer from stages of product design, tooling building, technical analysis, PCB layout, software development to mass production. Up until now, we have provided OEM/ODM services for many world famous companies. 

    Century Xinyang owns a professional RD, business operation and manufacturing team who have successfully fulfilled our commission to domestic and oversea brand and realized a win-win target. The whole team is fully honest, quick in response, and strict in every realization of your requirement. Currently, company has passed FCC, CE, ROHS etc. 

    We have brought in a complete RD, testing and manufacturing equipments to better our products and services buyonline.

    "Focus On Network" is our commission to customer, and also the pursuit of our own. 


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    Research and development is the success of Shenzhen Century Xinyang Tech Co., Ltd. Our research laboratory has the outstanding engineers and they share a common commitment, and that is in the new product design and development on innovation and quality.

    Production line locates in China's shenzhen, workshop area more than 10000 square meters. Production equipment imported advanced machine that the assembly of raw materials and high precision components. The monthly production capacity to 500000 mouth LAN switches.

    We strives to innovate by long term commitment to R&D investments. With our 100 engineering team that is recognised as high by the industry, this is allows we to develop innovative products and adapt well to different market needs.





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    OEM and ODM biggest difference between the two is not only the name of it. OEM products are tailor-made for the brand manufacturers, producing only after the use of the brand name, must not be the highest producers in their own names on the further production. The ODM will depend on the brand companies have bought the product"s copyright. If not, manufacturers have the right to their own production, as long as no company can identify the company"s design.
    In the industrial society, OEM and ODM can be described as common. Because the cost for manufacturing, transportation convenience, saving development time and other considerations, the well-known brand enterprises are generally willing to find other vendors OEM or ODM. Other companies are looking for OEM or ODM, the well-known brands have to bear a lot of responsibility. After all, the crown is his own product brand, so if the poor quality of products, ranging from a customer complaint at her door, heavy you may be on the court. Therefore, the brands will certainly during the commissioning process strict quality control. However, after the foundry, quality not guaranteed. Thus, when some merchants tell you that a product is manufactured by a major OEM or ODM brand products, not to trust its quality is equivalent to the brand. The only thing you can believe, is that manufacturers have a certain production capacity.
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     With steady and fast development, Century Xinyang dedicated itself to the construction of the corporation culture and sharing the happiness on growth with all staff. Persist on creating our corporation core value of Liability, Pragmatism, Enthusiasm, Innovation and Development, insists on technical oriented and innovation on base, pursue to make a good working environment for the staff.

    Since Century Xinyang’s establishment, it has always proposed the culture of Factory is Home and Showing Care to the staff. It advocates the management should be not only humanization, but also should be familization. Century Xinyang is dedicated to create a nice working environment and comfortable food and accomodation to the staff. Moreover, it launched the experienced training and a variety of management consultants for the staff development and growth. It sets up an efficient and timely communication channel in internals, sincerely showing cares to all staff and create a Win-win during corperation and staff. 

    In order to better enrich the staffs spare life, Century Xinyang has continuously built up the recreation centers to the staff, such as library, cinema, chess room, court ect. Every year, Century Xinyang will hold the tourism around Shenzhen City, which greatly make the staff relax and orologi replica keep a good working status in daily work.

    Nevertheless, Century Xinyang is energetically in constructing and creating  the quality culture by establishing a reality and efficient long-term system. Century Xinyang has constantly attracted and recommended experienced QA/QC to ensure the quality standard from raw material to shipping.